Edwin B. Spence

Musician | Songwriter | Engineer | Consultant | Buyer

Over the last 30+ years, Ed Spence has been the household name for anything in the music industry. Ed is an expert "go-to guy" in audio electronics and engineering. He has shared his music acumen and gifts to artists and musicians around the world.

Edwin Berkeley Spence started his musical career at the Sackman Street Church of God, Brooklyn, NY. He sang in the church choir and at the age of 13, under the leadership of professor David Butler, Edwin was trained to sing professionally. He sang in the Inspirational Gospel Choir which won local and state competitions, and competed nationally. He also sang for David Frasier and the Apostolic Fellowship Choir, and Delbert Dove and the Assembly. Multi-talented, he also played drums for the church.

Later his interests changed to the piano, where he would jump on the vacant upright piano during service and start banging on it until the moderator would stop singing and scoot him off of the piano. His determination kept him coming back until one day...he got it. Edwin studied piano privately with Eric Celerio, and took courses at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, Queensborough Community College, and Northern Virginia Community College. 

After being bored working at an engineering firm, Edwin took a chance at a sales job with Sam Ash Music in Queens, NY, and he has never looked back. Edwin is now the manager/buyer for Chuck Levins Washington Music Center in Wheaton, MD. He is certified by Digidesign Pro Tools, Apple,Mackie, Ensoniq, Korg, and Roland. He has honed his knowledge and expertise and is now known as the "go-to guy" in the audio world. He has consulted for Andrae Crouch, Teddy Riley, Timbaland, Richard Smallwood, John Stoddart, Michael Phillips, Bill Pettaway, Najee, D Train, Loris Holland, Young Professor, Teddy Riley, Marcus Miller and many more. He has designed recording studios for William Becton, Chris Webber (NBA forward), Tony Felder, and many others.

Edwin is a well sought after clinician and conference presenter. He taught for five consecutive years at the TD Jakes Pastors and Leaders conference and Megafest. He is a licensed Minister of Music for the International Church of God, and an accomplished musician and songwriter. Ed’s first published work was with The New York State Mass Choir. On that project, he played piano, and wrote three songs including the title song “Come Let Us.” Later he wrote “SAVED” for Professor Wilbur Belton and the LADWEC Mass Choir. As a recording engineer, he mixed “From the Streets” for William Becton’s Heart of a Love Song project. He also received an honorable mention from the late great Andrae Crouch on his “Mighty Wind” project, and composed music which is featured on the award winning TV documentary “ The Lessons of Hayti.”  

Ed is married and has a daughter, son, and two grandchildren.   

Ed Spence continues his music journey with new inspiring music, engaging lyrics, and his technical expertise to help expand the music industry. 

After many years of working behind the scenes, Edwin is now poised to release new music from his archives. God's anointing is timeless and always relevant, so be prepared to be encouraged and uplifted. Edwin says his heart's desire is "...to have people feel peace when they listen to my music. My message is that you are not forgotten and help is on the way."

"Have More Faith"